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As of July 1, 2013, Christopher C. Herring is the President/CEO of the Alamo City Chamber of Commerce. Since November 2011, Christopher has served the City of San Antonio Small Business Advocacy Committee appointed by Mayor Julian Castro helping advance the 7th largest US city. Additionally he chairs the City of San Antonio 5-year Contracting Diversity Subcommittee as a city official. His family owns the New Horizons School, LLC, a leading preschool servicing up to 135 students daily. Christopher is also the national director for the "We Give Back USA" campaign, powered by MatchRate PLUS, raising thousands of dollars for wounded warrior nonprofit agencies. His past experiences as a fundraising Loaned Executive with the Bexar County United Way, Executive Director of Operation Oasis, and Chairman of the Board for the Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre, has helped to shape a very compassionate leader and philanthropist.

Christopher retired from the active duty US Air Force as an officer in 2011 after 20-years of service. In his military career, he earned eight "Officer of the Year" awards; deployed to combat zones and humanitarian missions in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. He led the National Security Agency as the first Marketing Director; advocate for national defense on Capital Hill as an Air Force Legislative Liaison; managed General Officer Matters Desk as an Intern to the US Secretary of Defense; and created national strategy as the Chief Strategist for Air Force Recruiting Service. Christopher was hand-selected for visible leadership positions to include: Protocol Officer for President Ronald Reagan, President Clinton's "One America" White House Director for the Department of Defense, and as Wing Executive Officer, choreographed several homeland security visits to Mt Rushmore for President George Bush, Vice President Cheney and the First Lady, Mrs. Bush.

Our chamber president has been honored with several Lifetime Achievement awards - the Texas Association of Real Estate Brokers Servant-Leader Award in 2013; he is one of only 600 Americans who have received the US JAYCEES Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award; he is the youngest person to earn the national NAACP's Roy Wilkins Renowned Meritorious Service Award for advancing the civil rights movement; he was selected nationally as One of Thirty Future US Leaders by Ebony Magazine; and he was selected by the Washington Post for the Boney Diversity Leadership Award. A nationally sought after speaker Christopher has appeared on major television and radio news syndicates to include JET magazine, FOX news, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and more. In 2013, he was one of two featured speakers for the City of San Antonio's 2013 Martin Luther King Events selected by the MLK Commission. You can read more about him at http://www.MajorFundraiser.com.


Villanova University - Master Certification Project Management

George Washington University, MA - Administrative Sciences/Organizational Management

Air University - Air Command and Staff College; Squadron Officer School

National Cryptology School - Adjunct Faculty - Business/Management Dept

Society of Human Resource Management - Diversity Trainer Certification

Justice Center of Atlanta - Mediation Certification

Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute - EEO Management

Chapman University, MS - Human Resources Management

University of Akron - Faculty - Aerospace Studies Dept

Boston University, BA - Sociology (Scarlet Key Honorary Society)

Center for Creative Leadership, Effective Communication for CEOs







Example 1 Steve Jobs






Cliff Notes of I-Phone Launch 2007 by Steve Jobs

Comparing a Steve Jobs presentation to most presentations is
impossible — he’s in a league all his own. Apple’s chief executive is arguably the most charismatic pitchman in
business today. His presentations are brilliant demonstrations of visual
storytelling that turn customers, employees, and the entire
computer industry into evangelists. The
Apple website streams video of Jobs’s keynotes,
which make
excellent learning tools.

In January 2007, Jobs gave perhaps his greatest presentation to introduce the new iPhone.
This speech demonstrates the techniques he and other inspiring leaders use to wow their audiences – techniques you can use in your next presentation.

For more tips, watch our BNET video on Jobs’ presentation secrets.


Ignite Your Enthusiasm

Goal: Engage your listeners’ passion by
tapping into your own.

Steve Jobs is passionate about designing cool, fun, and
easy-to-use computers, digital music players, and now phones. And he’s
not too bashful to admit it. His words and phrases reflect his enthusiasm.
These quotes are from the iPhone launch and from previous presentations:

“We’re going to make some history together

“Today we’re introducing revolutionary

“We’ve got amazing stuff to show you this

“This is an awesome computer…”

“This is an incredible way to have fun…”

“This is the coolest thing we’ve done with

“We are so excited about this. It’s incredible…”

Jobs is exciting to hear, and many public speakers consider him
to be a role model for their own presentations. Rarely, however, do most
speakers take the opportunity to express their excitement about a particular
product, feature, or service. They might be passionate about their story, but
when asked to deliver that message in front of others, they fall into
presentation mode: serious, glum, stiff, and formal.

If you honestly believe that something is “amazing,”
go ahead and say it. As listeners, we are giving you permission to be excited
and passionate and to have fun! After all, if you’re not passionate
about the topic, how is your audience going to be?

What Not to Do

Strike These from Your Speech

Some words and phrases, like the ones below, are
meaningless, trite, and overused. You don’t have to eradicate each
and every one of them from your speech, but try to avoid them as much as you

  • Maybe
  • I think
  • Well, you know
  • Kinda
  • Sorta
  • Uh, Um, Ah, and other filler words
  • Buzzwords of any type (e.g., mission-critical, optimized,
    monetize, synergy, no-brainer, slam-dunk, etc.)

Navigate the Way

Goal: Present your theme as a mantra to help your
listeners remember it easily.

Jobs has always been able to craft a vision so vivid and
powerful, he rallies his listeners to the better future he sees and, in so
doing, persuades them to go along for the ride. When Jobs was attempting to
lure then-Pepsi CEO John Sculley to lead Apple, Sculley was reluctant. Jobs asked
him, “Do you want to sell sugar water all of your life or do you want
to change the world?” Jobs’s vision is to change the world,
and we believe him.

“This is a day I’ve been looking forward to
for two and a half years,” Jobs said during the iPhone launch. “Every
once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.
One would be fortunate to work on just one of these in your career. Apple has
been very fortunate to introduce a few of these in the world.” At
this point in the presentation, Jobs reminds his audience about the Macintosh
and the iPod, giving listeners permission to believe in the vision he is about
to describe: “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone!”

To reinvent the phone. This mantra is simple, bold, and reflects
a concise core purpose that is easy for listeners to remember and to rally
around. Note that it is also under ten words.

Nitty Gritty

Outline Your Presentation

Even after Jobs has articulated his vision in a clear,
concise mantra, he continues to navigate the way by providing a verbal outline
for his presentations. He starts by describing the structure, then opens and
closes each section with clear transitions. For example, during his Macworld 2008 keynote, Jobs said, “So that’s Time
Capsule, a perfect companion to Leopard, and that’s the first thing I
wanted to show you this morning.”

By letting your listeners in on the structure, you help them understand where they are in your story.

Sell the Benefit

Goal: Explain the real-world problem, then offer your

Once Jobs reveals his one-liner — his core vision —
he immediately launches into a discussion of why the world needs a new phone. A
solution is inspiring only when it cures a real-world pain. Jobs sells the
benefit of the phone by first describing the current state of the industry. The
problem, he says, “is [smartphones] are not that smart, and they are
not that easy to use. We want to make a leapfrog product that is way smarter
than any mobile device has ever been and super easy to use. That is what iPhone

Jobs continues to describe the problem on most smartphones:
keyboards, which take up more than one-third of the phone whether the person is
using them or not. The Apple solution is to create a “revolutionary
interface” that will get rid of the buttons and create one giant
screen. This brings up the problem — how do you get around the screen
with no scroll wheel or stylus?

Again, Jobs sets up a problem and offers a solution: “We’re
going to use the best pointing device in the world,” he says. “A
device we’re all born with. Our fingers.” Jobs then
describes Apple’s new “multi-touch” technology
that accurately responds to the touch of a finger to bring up applications on
the phone.

Most speakers describe the solution before the problem. Jobs
flips it around to make it easier for the listener to follow.

Hot Tip

Encourage Others to Reach Their Potential

Jobs asked a team to work around the clock for two years to
create the iPhone. Participating in the creation of a revolutionary product
certainly must have kept them energized. But Jobs capped off their effort by
asking them to stand, publicly praising them at the end of his presentation.

How do you think his employees would have felt if Jobs had
taken all the credit? It would have been demoralizing. Instead, they were
praised in front of their families and thousands of media, analysts, peers, and
partners who were assembled for the launch.



Paint a Picture

Goal: Use a captivating storyline to structure your

Jobs tells the iPhone story by using several techniques:

1. Stick to the rule of three. We remember lists in
groups of three. Jobs unveiled the iPhone and built drama at the same time by
saying, “Today we are introducing three revolutionary
products. The first is a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, the
second is a revolutionary mobile phone, and the third is a breakthrough
Internet communications device.” For added emphasis, he
repeated the three products three times, then delivered the knockout: “These
are not three separate devices. This is one device! Today Apple is going to
reinvent the phone!”

2. Tell personal stories. During one section of the
presentation, Jobs’s clicker suddenly stopped working. He mentioned
it with a smile, knowing that someone backstage would take care of it, then
told a story about how he and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak had built a TV
jammer and used it to block TV signals at Wozniak’s college dorm. He used
the opportunity to make an emotional connection with his audience. Once the
problem was solved, Jobs continued as if it had all been planned. Effortless
but powerful.

3. Keep it visual. In a Steve Jobs presentation, you will
not find bullet points, mind-numbing data, or lists of numbers on slides. When Jobs mentioned each of the three products — an
iPod, a phone, an Internet communicator — a slide with an image of the
product appeared. When he discussed the “ultimate pointing device”
— your fingers — all the audience saw on the screen was an
image of a finger touching the iPhone.

Too much text on the screen distracts from the speaker’s
words. Strike the right balance between visual and verbal by creating slides
that are big on images and low on text.

4. Rehearse. Jobs rehearses presentations for
hours. Nothing is taken for granted. He knows the flow of his story, how he is
going to build up to a big moment, what he is going to demonstrate, and how he
will open and close the presentation. He appears effortless — but
only after hours of rehearsal. Motivation takes preparation.

Big Idea

Reinforce an Optimistic Outlook

Nobody launches revolutionary products without an optimistic
outlook. Since his earliest days of tinkering with computers, Jobs has had an
unshakable belief that his products would change the world. In each of his
presentations, Jobs speaks the language of hope and opportunity.

Near the end of his iPhone launch, Jobs said, “There’s
an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. ‘I skate to where the puck is
going to be, not where it has been.’ We’ve always tried to
do that at Apple since the very beginning and we always will.” Always
end your presentations on a hopeful note


Video & Text of I-Phone Launch 2007 by Steve Jobs


0:05 this is a day 0:08 and looking forward to the tune of yours 0:17 every once in awhile 0:23 this is a day 0:35 this is a day 0:37 and looking forward to the tune of yours 0:46 every once in awhile 0:48 a revolutionary product comes along 0:51 changes everything 0:57 apple has been 0:59 well first of all was very fortunate if you get to work on just one of these 1:03 in your career 1:06 apples and very fortunate 1:08 it’s been able to 1:10 introduce a few of these into the world 1:13 nineteen eighty four 1:16 yew trees the macintosh 1:18 villages change apple 1:20 it change the whole computer industry 1:34 in two thousand one 1:36 we choose but first i pod 1:41 it couldn’t hurt 1:43 it didn’t just change the way we always the music 1:46 it change the entire music industry 1:55 were introducing 1:56 three 1:58 revolutionary products of this class 2:03 the first one 2:07 is a widescreen high part with touches 2:20 for a second 2:23 is a revolutionary the 2:35 and the third 2:38 is a breakthrough internet communications device 2:47 three things 2:49 widescreen ipod with touch controls 2:51 a revolutionary mobile phone 2:54 and a breakthrough 2:55 internet communications lines 2:59 an ipod 3:01 a fall 3:04 an internet communicator 3:07 on our part 3:11 old 3:17 these are not 3:19 three separate devices 3:22 wondered why 3:30 haifong 3:35 today apple is going to reinvent 3:38 the phone 3:41 and here it is 3:50 actually here it is good for in a leave it there for now 3:57 before we get into it 4:00 let me uh… 4:02 when we talk about a category of things the most advanced phones are called 4:05 smart phones 4:08 so they say 4:09 and uh… they typically combine a following plus some 4:13 email capability 4:14 plus they say it’s the internet so the baby internet 4:17 into one device in a lot of these 4:19 plastic little keyboards on them 4:21 uh… and of the problem is 4:24 they’re not so smart 4:26 and they’re not so easy use so if you can make a 4:30 no business school one oh one graph of the smart access and uh… 4:34 easier z-axis 4:35 phones regular cell phones are kinda right there they’re not so smart 4:39 and iron you know i’m not so easy use 4:42 uh… 4:43 but smart phones are definitely or smarter but they actually are harder to 4:46 lose 4:47 they’re really complicated 4:49 just for the basic stuff 4:51 people have a hard time figuring out how to use them 4:54 what we don’t want to buy the one of these things 4:56 what we want to do 4:58 is make a week from product 5:00 that is 5:01 what a smarter than any mobile devices ever been 5:04 and super easy use 5:06 this is what i felt 5:12 we’re going to reinvent the phone 5:15 now we’re going to start 5:21 with a revolutionary user interface 5:26 the result of the years 5:28 of research and development 5:31 and of course it’s an interplay of hardware and software 5:36 why do we need a revolutionary user interface i mean 5:39 four smartphones right motorola q the blackberry 5:42 pawn trail 5:43 nokia e sixty two the usual suspects 5:47 what’s wrong with their user interface as well 5:49 the problem with them 5:50 is really sort of in the bottom forty there 5:53 it’s it’s this stuff right here 5:56 they all have these keyboards bidder there whether you need them or not to be 6:00 there 6:01 and they all have these control buttons 6:03 that are fixed in plastic 6:05 and are the same for every application every application once a slightly 6:09 different user interface 6:10 a slightly optimize seta buttons 6:13 just for it 6:14 and what happens if you think of a great idea six months from now 6:17 you can’t run around at a button to these things there are two shep 6:20 so what do you do 6:22 it doesn’t work because the buttons and the controls can’t change 6:27 they can change for each application 6:29 making a change 6:31 down the world if you think of another great idea you want and to this product 6:35 well how do you solve this 6:37 it turns out we have solved it 6:39 we solved it in computers 6:41 twenty years ago 6:43 we saw that with a bitmap screen 6:46 the could displace anything we want put any user interface up 6:51 and appointing device 6:52 we solve it with the mouse 6:55 we solve this problem so how we going to take this to a mobile device 6:59 what we’re gonna do is get we have all these buttons 7:03 and just make it showing st 7:06 giants 7:09 power even communicate as we don’t carry around a mouse right so what are we 7:13 gonna do 7:14 uh… aspirants right 7:16 where he is a stylist 7:21 who wants a stylus 7:23 they have to get out and put away and you lose ‘em yuck 7:26 nobody wants a styles so let’s not use the science 7:30 we’re gonna use the best pointing device in the world where he’s a point of ice 7:34 they were all born with 7:36 one would tell them what is our fingers 7:39 when the touch us with our fingers and we have invented a new technology 7:43 called multi-touch 7:45 which is phenomenal 7:46 it works like magic 7:50 you don’t need a stylus 7:52 it’s far more accurate than any text displayed its ever been shipped 7:57 it ignores unintended touches it super smarts 8:01 you can do multi finger gestures on it 8:05 and boy have we patented it 8:16 we’ve been very lucky 8:18 to a broader few revolutionary user interfaces to the market 8:22 in her time 8:24 first was the mouse 8:26 the second 8:28 was the click wheel and now 8:30 we’re gonna bring multi touch to the market 8:33 and each of these revolutionaries are our faces 8:36 has made possible 8:38 a revolutionary product 8:39 the mac 8:40 the ipod 8:41 and now 8:42 the iphone 8:44 a revolutionary user interface we’re gonna build on top of that 8:49 with software now software on mobile phones 8:54 sleep baby stuff 8:57 it’s not so powerful 8:59 and today 9:00 we’ll show you a software breakthrough software that’s at least 9:04 five years ahead 9:05 of what’s on any other phone 9:07 the how do we do this what we start 9:10 with a strong foundation 9:12 i phoned runs all west ten th 9:24 we want to run 9:25 such as sophisticated operating system 9:28 on a mobile device well because it’s got everything we need 9:32 it’s got multitasking 9:34 it’s got the best networking 9:36 it already knows how to power management and doing this on mobile computers for 9:39 years 9:40 it’s got blossom security 9:42 and the right aps 9:44 it’s got everything from coco 9:46 and the graphics and its not poor animation built-in 9:50 and it’s got the audio and video 9:52 that always tennis famous for its gone all the stuff we want 9:55 and it’s built writing in i’ve flown and that has led us creates desktop class 10:01 applications and networking 10:06 not the crippled stuff 10:07 you find the most phones this israel desktop class applications 10:14 one of the pioneers of our industry alan k has had a lot of great quotes 10:18 throughout the years 10:20 and i ran across one of them recently 10:22 that explains how we look at this 10:26 explains why we go about doing things the way we do because we love software 10:32 and here’s the quote 10:33 people who are really serious about software 10:36 should make their own heart 10:39 allen said this 10:42 this is how you feel about it so one bringing breakthrough software 10:47 to a mobile device for the first time 10:49 it’s five years ahead of anything on any other from 10:53 the second thing we’re doing is we’re learning from the ipod 10:56 sinking with itunes you know we’re gonna ship our hundred million five hard this 11:00 year 11:03 hello tens of millions of people 11:05 that know how the sink these devices with their p_c_s are met 11:08 and save all of their media right under their i thought 11:13 drop your ipod and 11:15 and it automatically six 11:16 you can do the same thing 11:18 when i phone 11:19 it automatically sixteen pc or mac 11:22 right to writings 11:23 and itunes is going to single your media on your iphone 11:26 your music audiobooks podcasts movies tv shows 11:31 music videos but it also sinks atomic datang 11:35 you contact your calendars your photos which you get on your ipod today 11:39 notes u 11:40 your bookmarks from your web browser 11:42 you can email accounts your whole email setup all that stuff can be moved over 11:46 to our phone completely automatically 11:48 it’s really not 11:52 riot 11:54 you go to hide susan is set up 11:56 just like you to set up an ipod or an apple tv 11:59 and he set up what you want safety or by phone 12:02 and it’s just like an ipod 12:05 charge nsync 12:07 so simple itunes 12:10 third think i want to talk about it was designed 12:13 we’ve designed something wonderful 12:15 for your hand 12:17 just wonderful 12:19 this is what it looks like 12:23 got a three-and-a-half inch screen on it’s really big 12:26 and 12:27 it’s the highest resolution screen we ever ship that’s a hundred and sixty 12:31 pixels per inch 12:33 hi sweet ever ship that’s good quarters and on the front 12:36 there’s only one button down there we call it the home button takes your home 12:39 from wherever your 12:42 assembled this side 12:44 it’s really thin 12:45 it’s thinner than any smartphone out there 12:48 at eleven point six millimeters entered in the queue 12:51 thinner than the blackjack roulette all 12:55 to really nice 12:56 and we got some controls on the side we got all switch for rain silently gotta 13:00 volume up and down control 13:03 so the back 13:05 on the back 13:05 the biggest thing of note as we got two megapixel camera built right in 13:12 neither side we’re back on the front so let’s take a look at the top now 13:17 headset jack 13:19 three-and-a-half millimeter all your ipod headphones fit right in 13:23 we’ve got a place that will trade for your sim card 13:26 and we’ve got one switch for sleeping way discretion to go to sleep pushes 13:30 wake up 13:32 let’s take a little bottle 13:35 we’ve got a speaker 13:37 you got a microphone 13:39 and we got our thirty p_m_ high-powered connector 13:42 so that’s the bottom 13:44 now we’ve also got some stuff you can see 13:47 we got three really advanced sensors built into this film 13:51 the first was a proximity sensor 13:53 it senses when physical objects keep close to you 13:56 bring high phone obscure here 13:58 take a phone call 13:59 it runs off the display 14:01 and it turns off the touch sensor instantly 14:03 why do you wanna do that will want to save battery the two seal kits for a 14:06 simple it’s from your face 14:08 in the touchscreen 14:09 just automatically turns mock takeaway booms back on 14:12 so it’s got a proximity sensor built-in scott ambient light sensor as well 14:15 we sense the ambient lighting conditions and adjust 14:18 the brightness of the display to match the ambient lighting conditions again 14:21 better user experience saves power 14:24 and the third thing we’ve got 14:25 is an accelerometer 14:27 so we can tell when you switch from portrait to landscape sprinkle show it 14:31 to you know 14:32 so three advanced sensors built-in 14:37 let’s go ahead turn it on 14:40 this is the size of it fits beautifully 14:42 the palm of your hand 14:45 an ipod 14:47 phone 14:49 an internet communicate 14:52 let’s start with the ipod 14:56 you can’t touch of music 14:58 you can just touching music is so cool 15:01 that wide-screen video 15:03 you can find your music even faster 15:06 gorgeous album art 15:08 on this display 15:10 built in speaker 15:14 cover for 15:15 first time ever on an ipod 15:18 so around and talk about this more 15:19 we showed you 15:30 alrighty 15:33 i got some special 15:35 special iphones up here the battle special boarding emina 15:37 so i get some 15:38 digital video out legal court here which goes up to these projectors 15:42 and uh… so i got some great images and you could see what it really looks like 15:47 so let me i’ve got a camera here sings see what i’m doing with my finger for a 15:50 few seconds 15:52 and i want to go ahead and 15:54 at that picture within picture up i’m gonna go ahead and 15:56 just push the 15:57 sleep-wake button 15:59 there we got right there 16:01 and to unlock the phone i just take my finger and 16:03 slighted across 16:05 but mostly again 16:09 wanted something he couldn’t do by accident a pocket 16:12 just slide across 16:15 and this is the home screen 16:17 a lifelong right here and so if i wanna get me i pod i just go down the lower 16:20 right hand corner 16:22 push aside conroy here 16:23 and boom 16:24 i’m anne i pod 16:25 i wanna get home a push the home button right here and i’m home 16:29 back in the ipod 16:31 on back in the ipod 16:33 now hear and see five buttons across the bottom 16:35 playlist artists 16:37 songs videos and more 16:39 onion artists right now 16:40 well how do i school through my list of artists 16:43 i do this 16:44 i’ll just take my finger 16:48 here 16:58 wilbur banning up my mafias 17:01 if i wanna take somebody let’s say oh i think the beatles i just 17:04 and here’s the beatles songs with their albums right here workplace sergeant 17:08 pepper’s i just have sergeant pepper’s right there 17:10 and uh… 17:11 will help for my friends 17:14 is gorgeous album artwork 17:17 falsetto voice tro 17:25 toggle button up into four right here you can see in the upper right-hand 17:28 corner i could have gotten foot the album are around 17:31 has all the other songs back tears 17:33 slightest claim will be read if i want to 17:36 with that around 17:38 very simple 17:41 i could set some stars that here despite 17:44 saying the arabs 17:46 that surprise you 17:51 peanut 17:59 trace amounts 18:01 i’d just take my unity heiress 18:03 attorneys landscape mode public what happens 18:06 on a cover for work 18:10 from the villain here 18:13 but like a rolling stone 18:20 just gone through 18:24 come to my albums 18:26 yes 18:28 it leasing 18:29 anytime i find somewhere like that 18:35 that easy 18:58 it’s that simple denied race 19:15 i can play with this for a long time 19:19 again i got playlists here i’m going to my playlists i got artists i’ve got 19:23 songs 19:24 uh… i’ve got more over here i’ve got you know albums i got a great album view 19:27 again that shows all my album artwork right here if i want 19:32 and uh… i’ve also got audiobooks accomplishments in space like that i’ve 19:35 also got videos here 19:37 but push videos 19:38 and uh… i’ve got here i’ve got a pocket b a podcast loaded onto the music 19:42 video and 19:43 about t_v_ show in a movie you might like to just show you the tv show here 19:47 this is an episode from the office all videos we look at it 19:50 demanded 19:52 bc 19:53 residences 19:59 okay 20:01 foodie passing through many 20:03 uh… 20:07 explain 20:08 i don’t have the time of contact between branch but before last 20:12 i took a box of weight stationary 20:15 so from time to time ice and white faxes 20:19 from himself 20:21 from the future 20:24 a_t_m_ today someone poisons the copy do not drink the copy 20:29 more instructions will follow 20:32 future of the world 20:44 the 20:46 such controls on air force 20:49 not awesome 20:51 you know awesome let’s go out 20:53 now why show you uh… a movie playing let’s play pirates of the tribune the 20:56 second one here 20:58 great movie by the way 20:59 and uh… 21:05 the now this is a widescreen movies like this 21:09 double traveling through the whole thing here 21:12 like offspring 21:13 ever like 21:25 and again i got on-screen controls he was in school 21:28 you 21:32 dislike it 21:35 already 21:36 so bad 21:38 is the ipod 21:42 prequel 21:44 we just started 21:48 fell again 21:49 tection music 21:51 scroll through song scroll three playlists it’s incredible 21:55 wide-screen video like you’ve never seen a portable device hundred sixty pixels 21:58 per inch 21:59 before just scream quality 22:03 gorgeous album art 22:05 and colorful 22:07 the best ipod we’ve ever made 22:13 some screenshots 22:15 scrambling 22:18 here’s an album are just put ups and see what it looks like 22:22 just no matter what you like it looks pretty doggone gorgeous 22:32 and of course 22:33 cover flow 22:36 and video 22:39 with on-screen controls 22:44 i was showing us to somebody 22:47 i was getting a demo to somebody up for a while ago 22:50 who’d never seen this before inside apple 22:52 and now i finish the demo i said what do you think 22:55 he told me this 22:56 he had this one 23:04 ya i phone with the most amazing ipod ever 23:06 you can now take should music 23:08 so that’s the ipod 23:11 let’s take a look 23:13 revolutionary phone 23:14 we want to reinvent the phone 23:17 what’s the killer apt 23:19 the killer ap is making calls 23:25 it’s amazing 23:27 how hard it is to make calls on most phones most people actually dial them 23:31 every time 23:32 most people don’t have very many numbers and their address book they use their 23:35 reasons as their address book 23:38 how did you do that i’d bet more than a few 23:41 so we want to let you use contacts like never before 23:45 you can sync your iphone with your pc or mac and bring down all your contacts 23:50 right in your phone tibet everybody’s numbers with you at all times 23:55 we have something it’s gonna revolutionized voicemail that we call it 23:59 visual voicemail 24:01 wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t if you had six voicemails indianapolis in 24:05 the five of them first before you one of those in the six th 24:08 we have a great yet random access voice mail 24:12 what we’ve got it 24:13 just like email you can go directly to the voicemails that interest you 24:18 excellent polio audio quality 24:20 by phone is a quite band g_s_ samplawski edge phone 24:25 preemptive strike 24:27 we decided to go 24:29 with the most popular international standard which is g_s_ sam or on that 24:33 bandwagon 24:34 headed on that road map 24:35 and now plan to make uh… three g phones and all sorts of other amazing 24:38 things in the future so 24:40 quite bad usn plus edge 24:42 and of course we have wifi and bluetooth two point of view geography as well 24:50 so this is what it looks like when you get a call 24:53 this is what sounds like 24:55 tolerate challenging it of course 25:02 so i want to show you four things 25:04 i wanna show you 25:06 phone out 25:08 photos 25:10 calendar 25:11 and as a mess 25:14 the kind of things you would find untypical phone 25:17 very untypical way 25:19 so let’s go ahead 25:28 so let’s go to our phone first 25:30 you see that ah… icon in the lower lefthand corner the phone i just push it 25:34 right here 25:35 and blown 25:36 on on the phone 25:37 and i’ve got five buttons across the bottom 25:39 favorites recent contacts keypad and voicemail awning contacts right now 25:43 again 25:44 helen move around my contacts 25:46 iza scroll through them 25:48 and so let’s say i wanna make a call to johnnie i’ve 25:51 i’m just push ear and i see johnnie ice contacts 25:54 with always informations three phone numbers his email 25:58 whatever else his address whatever also i’ve got 26:00 it’s all in one place 26:02 and if i want to call johnny 26:04 all i do 26:05 is pushed his phone number i’ll call was mobile number right now 26:08 and now we are calling john here 26:18 return on speaker phone like this but want to you 26:21 beijing on a handgun 26:25 well spent two-and-a-half years and i i can tell you 26:28 how thrilled i am to make the first public phone call 26:31 lifelong 26:43 i remember when i first started working on this and it’s just 26:46 unbelievable what what what is this i’ve got another call coming in johnnie 26:50 connect which on hold for a minute 26:54 subbed for johnnie on hold and how i felt 26:57 it 27:01 card bill as you can see it split it’s what you are the on on the bill i can 27:05 just talk to you on him 27:06 bring jobs back in johnnie there 27:09 hey listen uh… phil called it a modified conference and then 27:16 you can see the the buttons changed emerge calls right there in the middle 27:19 so i just push that right here 27:21 and now i create a conference call 27:23 the 27:34 julliard there 27:36 billionaire 27:37 flynn 27:40 so here we are 27:42 and i was so i gotta get back to my keynote so uh… if i want to do that 27:46 but i’m not just touch this era right here 27:48 and uh… i’m gonna go ahead and take johnnie private here 27:51 and uh… put phil on hold johnie 27:53 getting the sale the first phone call 27:57 the 27:59 bahut 28:01 it’s not too shabby 28:03 you take care johnnie 28:05 and i a m this call it heels on holi taken off old help thanks very much i 28:09 gotta get back to the keynote now 28:11 uh… curator bubye are 28:13 all right 28:24 have also 28:25 dot awaited make a list of favorites here 28:27 from like most often called number so i just touch it once and i’ll 28:31 dial the number and i might want to add something to favorite so if they want to 28:34 add phil schiller i just pushed up plus button in the upper right-hand corner 28:39 and apob my favorites and i can just go to uh… 28:43 guesses here in uh… there’s phil so uh… phil schiller right there 28:47 and now all puts a let’s say i wanna put fills work number 28:50 and it’s added filled right there you can see favorites i can added favorites 28:54 by pushing the event but in the upper left-hand corner 28:56 and i can move fill up if i want to you know maybe the top 29:00 and uh… 29:01 let’s say i’m not gonna you know it’s hard 29:03 tonys changes number i gotta update this anyways i’m gonna get rid of that and 29:06 packages remove tony boom 29:08 every with that simple to edit these things 29:10 very very easy 29:11 i dot recent right here which is all my recent phone calls 29:15 if i want to see the ones i’ve missed which would read i could just go up in 29:18 touched a button at the top and 29:20 whom those are all the ones that missed 29:22 and those are all 29:24 that i’ve placed or have done 29:27 if i want to dial the phone if i’m really last century 29:30 i could push keeping out here 29:32 and uh… i can’t i’ll call this week 29:35 called for sorry 29:37 wrong number 29:39 four poets uh… 29:41 nice six financing 29:44 with formats the numbers and uh… afaik want to i can i just keep done with city 29:49 european number numbers just keep getting smaller 29:52 real simple 29:54 very simple a valid keypad now let me show you 29:57 visual voicemail this is so cool 30:00 this is a collaboration we’ve done 30:03 uh… which’ll talk more about later 30:05 and uh… 30:06 it allows us to 30:08 have land and access for smith go directly to the voicemails we want such 30:12 an example i come to my voice mail out of there’s one by al gore 30:15 i wanna hear that my just push it 30:21 alternate people boy 30:24 but i wanted a congratulations on the other alligators unbelievable equal 30:30 good luck with the bridge invasion call me later 30:33 now about one o’clock held back right now i can switch that call back button 30:37 but when it was the one from two nd cook i got here soliciting a brighter future 30:41 i’ve got the triple pre-war or 30:43 reading the wall 30:45 you don’t worry 30:52 and as often 30:54 and sulfide got voicemail how i wanna listen to it when i wanna listen to it 30:58 any order i wanna listen to it 31:01 with visual voicemail 31:02 so that is acquit tour of the phone now 31:06 now what i want to do he show you pass a nest texting 31:10 so i just go to that s a mess icon the upper left-hand corner 31:13 and push it 31:13 and i don’t know we have awsome s texting 31:16 but i have multiple sessions 31:19 so i can be carrying on conversations with people 31:22 and every time i get anew message from them all be alerted to that might go 31:25 check it out so as an example here 31:28 i’ve got a q and i think airing on a conversation with any and i just kept 31:31 this in 31:32 here’s the conversation i’ve been carrying on right here 31:35 and if there’s a new message into missus new message from phil 31:38 and uh… let’s see the conversation was what hasty of hai 31:42 still on for dinner tonight absolutely your turn to pick tactics issue on how 31:46 about seven o’clock tonight 31:47 and i said i can just say 31:49 now sounds great not got the silky board 31:51 which is phenomenal it does 31:54 fritz prevention and correction i’m not that i didn’t make some i probably will 31:58 but it’s actually really fast the type ons faster than a little plastic 32:01 keyboards and all the smartphones 32:03 so i can just say sounds great 32:11 see you there 32:21 and i can send that 32:35 and film messaging me back i’ll be alerted all see the dont mind just go 32:38 pick up a conversation were left off if i wanna send a message dated a guy or 32:41 scott i just push the sin 32:43 send a message and up 32:44 it’s so simple 32:46 so that’s awsome s messaging and uh… 32:48 you know i could and you’ve seen the keyboard it’s pretty awesome 32:50 we’ll come back to that little bit later 32:52 and a third ap i want to show you was part of the phone package 32:55 is photos you know we have a two megapixel camera built-in as i said 32:59 we also have the coolest photo management hap 33:02 uh… ever 33:02 certainly on a mobile device but i think maybe ever 33:05 and uh… so here’s so here’s our photos on the board or photo library 33:09 and this is our library again i can just scroll through photos here 33:11 with my finger 33:14 we go to a photo album all pick uh… italy 33:17 and i just uh… what’s start at the top 33:19 and go to pictures i just wipe them 33:22 and just like through my former wife al 33:24 there’s one that’s uh… 33:26 this landscape i can just ramai device and take a look at 33:30 frequently 33:35 right so i can even swipe 33:36 women landscape here 33:39 miss awesome 33:41 the other thing i can do 33:43 is uh… i can’t take any of these pictures and uh… can make a bigger 33:48 and sa when we go ahead and get the camera back that the other is right 33:51 there hike and uh… 33:52 i can just take my fingers and i cant we call it the pinch i can bring them 33:56 closer together removal further apart 33:58 to make it bigger or smaller 34:00 and so i can just move them further apart 34:02 and stress to you 34:17 produced 34:18 if i can help pick to a make this myo wallpaper 34:21 and of course i kid you know 34:23 triggered around them to set the wallpaper 34:26 and now 34:28 when i a find back at home and i go to sleep 34:31 when i wake up from here on out 34:33 flight reset it 34:34 that’s my wallpaper 34:35 whenever i make a call that’s what i’m gonna see 34:40 so photos awsome s 34:42 and the phone now 34:45 that is part of our phone package 34:59 got a call 35:01 really great call management features just scroll through contacts with your 35:05 finger 35:06 all the information at your fingertips here 35:10 favorites 35:12 last century 35:14 visual voicemail 35:16 calendar 35:18 as soon as texting 35:21 incredible photo out 35:22 the ability just take a picture in 35:25 nature wallpaper 35:27 it’s pretty unbelievable 35:29 and i think 35:30 we have a chance to get your hand on it you’ll agree 35:32 we have reinvented the phone 35:42 now let’s take a look 35:45 and internet communications device 35:48 part of life 35:49 so what’s this all about 35:52 we’ve got some real breakthroughs here 35:54 start off with 35:56 we’ve got rich html email on iphone 36:00 the first time 36:01 really rich email on a mobile device 36:04 and it works with anytime map or pop email service 36:08 your favorite mail service 36:10 it’ll likely work with 36:12 and its rich text email 36:15 we wanted the best web browser in the world on our phone not a baby web 36:19 browser awak browser 36:21 a real web browser 36:23 we pick the best when the world safari 36:25 and we have safari 36:27 running on hai phong 36:29 it is the first fully usable html browser on the phone 36:41 we have google maps 36:43 map satellite images 36:48 this is 36:49 unbelievable awaits you see it 36:52 we have widgets 36:54 starting off with the weather in stocks 36:58 his communicates with the internet over a ridge and wifi an iphone automatically 37:02 detects wifi and switches seamlessly to it you don’t have to manage the network 37:06 it just does the right 37:12 and i think a second talk about email we hope that uh… 37:15 almost anytime abhor pop three mail service has twenty two some examples 37:20 pineapple course is the best because you keep your folders and all your email on 37:23 the server an axis of her anywhere 37:27 yahoo paint yahoomail is i a map 37:29 microsoft exchange has on ap option and obviously dot mac mail assigned that as 37:34 well 37:34 pop three google gmail halo mailing most aya speeds 37:39 a pop three email 37:40 now i’ll take a minute and highlight 37:44 yahoomail 37:45 yahoomail is the biggest mail service in the world they have over a quarter 37:51 billion 37:52 users 37:53 biggest email service in the world and today we are now on sing with yahoo 37:58 that they are going to provide free push pineapple email 38:02 to all by phone customs 38:07 it 38:09 it is push on at the emails when you get a message it’ll push it right out to the 38:12 phone for you 38:13 same as a blackberry 38:15 free on map push email 38:17 fermion 38:18 so we disapprove big deal 38:20 so i’d like to do now as i’d like to show you mail 38:23 safari 38:25 google maps 38:27 and widgets 38:28 running online from 38:30 so let’s go see 38:39 so let’s go in the mail 38:41 second icon from the left on the bottom there are just touch it with my finger 38:45 and boom on there 38:47 and so i got an inbox here 38:48 and this is by the way running lawyers 38:51 yahoo pineapple email the stubs coming off a young server somewhere up in the 38:56 clouds 38:57 and that’s the one st james vincent here 38:59 sent me an email 39:00 he’s proud father 39:04 and there we go 39:06 and i just wrote here i got the online photos rich text email 39:12 let’s look at another one 39:14 phil schiller 39:14 she loved the gift 39:17 inline photos 39:19 rich text 39:21 pretty nice 39:23 shopping list 39:24 again rich text right here 39:30 directions to sushi ron for tonight’s dinner 39:33 i thought of course parses out phone numbers and as you can see there’s a 39:36 phone number and blue i can just touch it 39:38 and boom on gonna call this place 39:42 i don’t really want to know what’s on 39:43 people here 39:46 you get the idea 39:47 and now this last one not camber asking his without one of our marketing folks 39:51 who just returned from antarctica cans a great photographer 39:54 and he took all these great photos of uh… 39:57 of penguins in antarctica 39:59 truthful 40:00 news that’s great 40:02 right in your email right on your from 40:05 and if i want to by the way 40:07 i can now look at my email with the split view just like i do on my computer 40:11 and so i can select something here in just look at it down here if i wanna 40:14 proust my messages real fast and 40:16 just find that one message i was looking for but i actually like the full-screen 40:19 view and of course we have a standard 40:21 inbox in drafts and sent it to be in our and all sorts of folders you can put 40:25 things in as well so it’s real email just like you’re used to 40:29 on your computer 40:30 right here on your phone 40:32 it’s extraordinary 40:34 and again 40:36 free on map 40:38 email from them 40:40 now went go ahead and just a creative email message show you what that’s like 40:43 so again when i don’t need the keyboard it’s not their when i do it’s there 40:47 i want to send a message to uh… 40:49 but say feel like this type ph 40:52 and boom social earth’s address completion and maybe ill send one to 40:55 scott forced all’s well 40:57 and their scott right there 40:58 and uh… let’s say the subject of dinner 41:04 dinner and uh… 41:05 uh… you know 41:13 see you 41:14 tonight’s 41:24 boom and i just send sans 41:27 sends a no one would on 41:29 so that as mail 41:31 just top class email 41:33 running on a mobile device 41:34 right now alicia sending incredible 41:43 machetes safari 41:44 running and mobile device 41:46 so let’s go to the web 41:48 and here we are on the load in 41:50 rather apple dot com here level 41:53 uh… 41:54 universal site on the load in the new york times it’s kind of a slow site has 41:58 got a lot of images but 41:59 here we are loading unloading over wifi right now 42:04 and what i would just give you 42:06 awak version of the new york times 42:08 running give you the swept version all around 42:11 were showing you the whole new york times website narratives 42:15 and guess what i can do i can 42:17 put this in the landscape mode and there it is right there 42:20 and i can scroll here if i want 42:23 scroll up and down here 42:27 still loading it 42:30 or i can just get back like this now 42:33 this is really great and i can see the whole page but of course i can’t redid 42:36 full too small 42:37 so i get it with my fingers and pinch it 42:39 but we have an optimization her i can just double tap on anything it 42:42 automatically 42:44 fills up the screen with 42:45 and i can just go around like this and spl over here 42:48 akiva make this text bigger pie wants him 42:51 and there is 43:02 double tap again to get back to the full pages in school 43:06 and so i’m just 43:08 there is the new york times and again any article i want 43:19 unbelievable 43:21 you can look at malta bull webpages as well 43:24 you have mobile web pages of the slightest push this button in the lower 43:27 right hand corner 43:28 transit down and i can add a new page if i want 43:32 and uh… all go to uh… amazon here at my bookmarks 43:35 so let’s go to amazon i want to go to the dvd section of amazon singla dvds 43:39 are selling 43:41 alike especially when disney’s are at the top 43:45 and uh… so here’s amazon cunning even for the whole pages load undiscovered 43:48 double tap on this in 43:50 and uh… 43:51 i miss it let’s go to the dvd section here 43:53 and now it’s doing that 44:03 and here we are 44:10 and there’s a section over here 44:12 the right hand side right there 44:13 and these are the top sellers updated hourly all look 44:16 elsa inconvenient truth is number one right 44:22 greys anatomy alike that prior to the caribbean fantastic 44:25 and so i’ve got 44:27 this right here and i can go back to the new york times if i want 44:31 seem up that picture 44:33 which will see it 44:34 and again here 44:37 still there 44:37 about this one 44:39 and get rid of them just by hitting x 44:42 and there we go 44:43 nine credible safari 44:53 if you’ve ever used 44:54 what’s called a web browser on a mobile phone 44:58 you’ll know how incredible mrs 45:00 i hope you never really know 45:03 because it’s 45:04 it’s bad out there today 45:05 and this is a revolution of the first order 45:08 to really bring the real internet’s to your phone 45:10 let me show you some about widgets here volatile stocks right now 45:14 woodstock information off the web 45:17 and uh… 45:18 this right on the phone here 45:20 uh… well capital 45:25 today 45:28 differently after practice 45:30 and uh… 45:32 that’s fantastic with for the percentages you know good 45:36 so i got stocks right here and uh… i can go look at the weather let’s see 45:39 what uh… what it’s like outside 45:46 forty nine degrees 45:49 but supposed to get the sixty one today so that’s good will sustain here told 45:52 warms up 45:54 i’ve got uh… 45:55 paris right here i could have as many visas i watch it’s nighttime in paris 45:59 socially warmer in paris and i think it is here today 46:03 aspin 46:05 well no snow to later in the week 46:07 and hawaii 46:09 well it’s raining 46:11 that’s not good 46:12 well anyway here’s four places a wide aspen paris and san francisco again 46:18 the weather widget 46:21 to conclude 46:23 the internet device section here i want to show you something truly remarkable 46:26 which is google maps 46:29 on artful 46:31 their maps application here 46:33 units coming up 46:36 and shows us north america and i’m going to go to moscow ny west that’s where we 46:40 are right now 46:42 and here we are 46:45 that’s where we are now what i’m gonna do is on the go well look for something 46:48 on i’m gonna certainly want a cup of coffee afterwards 46:51 so i’m just gonna look for starbucks right 46:56 starbucks on the search for starbucks 46:58 and sure enough 47:00 there’s all this started 47:05 i get a list of starbucks here 47:07 so i think that what if i want 47:09 and i can even go look at that starbucks 47:12 and there it is and what’s going to call 47:26 good morning 47:32 prime number thank you 47:47 hyphens and then 47:48 uh… by just a again pinching if i want to 47:51 or i can just double click the zoom in 47:53 and i did just the higher higher resolution versions of the map 47:57 so let’s go somewhere else here that i’ve got bookmarked 47:59 and uh… what’s going to washington monuments 48:02 and so here is washington d_c_ and i could uh… just double tappan 48:06 and uh… i’m going it’ll further here 48:08 just double tapping him 48:10 and there’s the washington monument there i’ll double tap in again 48:14 and uh… but now we sure something else 48:16 satellite images so i just hit this button called satellite down at the 48:19 bottom 48:20 and it’s gonna replace the map a satellite images there we go 48:23 and uh… i’m just double tapia 48:26 and double tap in again 48:29 and um… let’s let’s catch up to me and there we go 48:32 and what’s doubles happen again 48:37 this is the washington monument 48:39 there really is 48:41 confederate 48:49 nine credible 48:51 well my phone 48:54 some believable so let’s go i’ve got another one of the eiffel tower which is 48:57 very cool 48:59 i set this one out to be uh… 49:01 there’s a raffle tower 49:03 missed people at the eiffel tower you can see for them 49:06 incredible and you’re just one last one 49:09 have to show you the coliseum in rome 49:14 so again here we are 49:16 in rome 49:18 that’s as far as we go with the map we go further with the satellite 49:21 there’s the coliseum there’s the roman coliseum 49:24 satellite imagery right on the phone 49:30 that’s the policy 49:33 unbelievable 49:48 all these amazing thinks this is a breakthrough 49:52 internet communicator 49:54 bill right and i from 49:55 the first rich html email on the phone 49:58 the first real web browser on the phone 50:01 desperation at google maps on the planet 50:04 widgets 50:06 and always edging wifi network and were very very happy with this 50:11 push 50:13 i’m apt three yahoo 50:16 in almost any other on happen hotmail service you want but that’s it 50:24 incredible 50:26 new technology for every text far better than we’ve seen on phones before 50:30 a real browser on the phone we can see real webpages in portrait landscape we 50:35 can zoom in on what we 50:37 wanna take a look at more closely 50:40 google maps 50:42 and widgets 50:44 it’s the internet in your pockets 50:48 for the first time ever 50:49 now you can’t 50:51 you can’t really think about the internet of course without thinking 50:54 about google right 50:56 and for google 50:57 what we have on our phone working with them is of course google search we have 51:01 that built right into the browser just type what you want at google near off 51:05 and google maps 51:06 with working very closely with them to make this all happen were thrilled with 51:10 the results 51:11 and it’s my pleasure now 51:14 introduce doctor eric schmitt who will c_e_o_


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